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NFDI4Phys Consortium

The NFDI4Phys consortium consists of, at the moment, four partners who are coming together to design tools and structures to improve and harmonise the exchange of (first and foremost) numeric factual data, within all branches of physics, and towards related disciplines as well as industry. The consortium is to apply for DFG funding as part of the Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (National Research Data Infrastructure, NFDI) effort.

Particularly important to us are the quality, reliability, and unambiguous machine interpretability of all kinds of research outcomes, with a special focus on numeric data with units and uncertainty statements.

We have identified several task areas complementing the approaches of other emerging NFDI consortia. These include that we seek for active participation from those groups within physics which are not yet represented by one of the other NFDI consortia. Further goals are to contribute to the definition of basic and interdisciplinary standards and development of methods to make research data of various origin publicly accessible and interpretable. We are going to make use of our international connections to promote international compatibility and the acceptance of research data management.

In the framework of the NFDI initiative, we are aiming at connecting all branches of physics which are not yet represented, and to involve them in the design process of the infrastructure. In case you have wishes or ideas for possible task areas of the consortium, you are more than welcome to participate in our NFDI survey or to engage in our consortium! Our survey aims at raising awareness of the NFDI initiative as well as at identifying the requirements of the physics community on a future research data infrastructure.

Do you have further questions or suggestions? Please contact us, without commitment, via e-mail.